port a cath

we have a patient with a port a cath but home health is not caring for port but company want dx for the port added to keep up for and device related infections so would I use z45.2 or should I use z95.828 or is there something else totally to use


  • I would like clarification as what to use in Hospice coding. For port-a-cath and foley, do we use Encounter for (Z46.6 foley and Z45.2 port-a-cath) or do we use Presence of (Z93.6 foley or Z96.0 and Z95.828 port-a-cath)? I keep getting conflicting answers.

  • Are the clinicians assessing, teaching care, or providing care? if so the Encounter is correct. If you are just stating the foley and port are present and no one looks at them or touches them the use the Presence.
    In our agency, it is very rare to just use the Presence of code.

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