Too many Dx?

we have a outsourcing company working with us and they list like 20+ dx for each pt. even if its just PT. from my understanding it is best to list Chronic conditions but also you want to base it off of the focus of care your giving . I barley ever code that many on a claim.
is there a right or wrong with this ?


  • I don't know about right or wrong but we have also had this experience. I had to ask them specifically to stop listing hyperlipidemia nos and every kind of urinary incontinence there is on every patient. You may want to ask that the coders that are doing this are audited by their own company. I wondered if they figured that they wanted to give us our "money's worth" of coding on each chart. But it does look a little ridiculous on PT joint replacements.

  • We put extra codes on the orders page under additional orders. Coding guidance says that the only dx that should be on the OASIS are those that are being treated or have the potential to affect the outcome of treatment. If it is not relevant, resolved, or is not going to change treatment or outcome-leave it off.

  • wow thank you so much for the info ! its driving me nuts!

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