Should I use Z91.81 or R29.6 for primary code for a patient who has fallen and is at risk of falling? (PT in for this patient).


  • This confuses me sometimes, too. I was reading the guidelines on R29.6 the other day and this came up:
    Section I.C.18.d

    Code R29.6, Repeated falls, is for use for encounters when a patient has recently fallen and the reason for the fall is being investigated. Code Z91.81, History of falling, is for use when a patient has fallen in the past and is at risk for future falls. When appropriate, both codes R29.6 and Z91.81 may be assigned together.

    Code R29.6 indicates that a patient has been experiencing recent falls. When home health will be assessing the patient's pattern of falls and home safety, as well as addressing methods to reduce the falls, this code may be assigned to provide additional information.

  • Ok. Thanks. I read that too. Still confusing!

  • Yeah! So I guess... if they recently fell, use R29.6 & if they've fallen in the past as well - also use Z91.81

  • Okay. Thank you!

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