Is it okay to code both renovascular HTN I15.0 and HTN heart and kidney disease w heart failure (I 13.0), as MD has documented both?


  • Hi Becky.
    I refer you to the coding guidelines for both I13 and I15 category codes.

    I13: Guidelines (I13)

    Section I.C.9.a.3)
    The codes in category I13 are combination codes that include hypertension, heart disease and chronic kidney disease. The Includes note at I13 specifies that the conditions included at I11 and I12 are included together in I13. If a patient has hypertension, heart disease and chronic kidney disease then a code from I13 should be used, not individual codes for hypertension, heart disease and chronic kidney disease, or codes from I11 or I12.

    I15: Guidelines (I15)

    Section I.C.9.a.6)
    Secondary hypertension is due to an underlying condition. Two codes are required: one to identify the underlying etiology and one from category I15 to identify the hypertension. Sequencing of codes is determined by the reason for admission/encounter.

    Both can be used for the same episode BUT both require additional codes. I13 requires an N-code for CKD stage.
    I15 is a secondary HTN due to an underlying renal condition and requires that it be coded first, before the I15 code.

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