Compression Fracture

Do compression fractures default to wedge compression fracture? I cannot find or know if a code exists for compression fracture NOS


  • No, they do not.

    Need to check the cause of the compression fracture - meaning did they fall, or was it due to a diagnosis of Osteoporosis.

    If Osteoporosis, code it to the pathological fracture in osteoporosis as stated below.

    Only code to the "wedge" if the physician states it is a wedge compression fracture.

    If there isn't any diagnosis of Osteoporosis, and the physician did not state it was a wedge compression fracture, look towards the collapsed vertebrae.

    collapsed vertebra NEC (M48.5)

    pathological fracture in neoplastic disease (M84.5-)

    pathological fracture in osteoporosis (M80.-)

    pathological fracture in other disease (M84.6-)

    stress fracture (M84.3-)

    traumatic fracture (S12.-, S22.-, S32.-, S42.-, S52.-, S62.-, S72.-, S82.-, S92.-)

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