What is the proper way to code this of the native VS non-native vessel. Ive seen it coded different ways. Thanks :)

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  • A native vessel is any vessel that has not had surgery or prior bypass.

    If the physician has done previous bypass on that vessel(s), it is no longer native. But we need to go by documentation.

    How is he documenting this? CAD of left anterior descending status post CABG? Or something along those lines? If so, then code as CAD non native vessel.

    When we're coding in I10, we need to know if the CAD has developed in the autologous or autograft. Or if it's redeveloped in the native vessel following bypass.

    If none of that is noted, it's unspecified CAD
  • Im talking about the actual code set, like i25.10 or i70-
  • I understand you're looking for code sets but since I don't have the documentation or the specifics of what the physician actually wrote, I can't direct you to a code set.

    I can tell you that I25 is for atherosclerotic heart disease (CAD) while I70 is for pulmonary heart diseases, which doesn't sound appropriate from what you wrote in the first post.
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