Resumption of Care

We have a patient who we were now aware that had been in the hospital. When the nurse went out and was told she did both a transfer and a ROC OASIS. Now looking at it the ROC is the first visit in a new certification period. Do I have to discharge and readmit?


  • I would like to know as well.
    Doesn't seem to be anyone answering questions on this forum any longer.
    I ask questions and don't receive the answers I used to a few years ago.

  • If a recert was done prior to hospital and the HIPPS code are the same then the ROC can stand but if it differs then a new soc is needed. At our agency we dc at end of cert( the transfer would be the discharge oasis ) because to determine if the hipps code are the same you have to wait till its completed and you may not have the appropriate paperwork for a new soc. Remember always get face to face information on any soc even when they change insurance and your not doing a true discharge.

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