M2250 a

How do I answer M2250 Plan of Care Synopsis. (a) patient specific parameter for notifying physician of changes in vital signs or other clinical findings. I set parameters and will write it in Plan of care. My question is do I answer NO, Yes or N/A in one of the boxes.


  • M2250a is asking if there are patient-specific notification parameters on the physician-ordered plan of care. When you state "I set parameters" - does that mean you've determined the parameters or did the physician provide parameters? Select 1-Yes if (a) the physician writes an order for specific parameters as a part of your referral, (b) the agency has standard parameters and the physician agrees these are appropriate for your specific patient, or (c) you suggest parameters that the physician agrees are appropriate for your specific patient. Select NA if you will be using agency standard parameters that the physician didn't specifically agree on for your patient. Select 0-No if there will not be any physician notification parameters as a part of the plan of care.

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