Aftercare clarification

Please help us decide the proper coding for the following case

Pt had Colon cancer had surgery after the removal and having a Colostomy, we take care of him and discharged him. He is back to us after a reversal of his Colostomy , Would the code be Aftercare for Digestive System Z48.815 ? or do we still code Aftercare for Neoplasm , Thx so much !!!

Sheila m Dewolfe RN


  • for the reversal of a colostomy, you will code attn to colostomy... Z43.3, not aftercare to digestive system

    this directive is found as a coding tip in the decision health coding manual on page 1861

    what will be primary depends on what the SN is defining as the focus of care. if she is still doing wound care to the neoplasm surgical site, then you will still report that.

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