Hello, I was recently told that there was a change regarding the use of Z48.00. They are stating that we are no longer able to use this code for trauma wounds. I have never heard this and I cannot find the guidance if there is any. Can someone please let me know if this is true or not.

Thanks so much!


  • The guidelines are pretty vague, but I've personally been following a "rule of thumb" that the 7th character "D" in injuries (or following surgery for injuries) covers the care for wound dressings??

    The only times I've used Z48.00 for non-surgical wounds is for pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, etc.

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    I've never used that code. I code the wound we are servicing. That's sufficient.

    There is a coding tip in the manual that Z48 codes aren't appropriate for wound care due to surgery for injuries.

    Though i cant point you to any documentation that says that the use of that code is unnecessary, Id refer you to page 1127 of the Decision Health Home Health Coding Manual, or the Chapter 12 Coding Scenarios... several of the scenarios listed are relative to non-surgical wound care, and none of them include Z48.00.

    Its a "fluff code." you can use it if it gives you that feel warm and fuzzy feeling, but it wont impact reimbursement at all. And it should never be primary.

  • It should not be used for Pressure injury/wounds, but you can use Z48.00/Z48.01 for any other wound or surgical wound that is receiving RN assessment and or wound dressing changes.

  • That is info that I received in person during coding seminar from Sparkle Sparks with OASIS Answers, who is an instructor/AHIMA certified coder.

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