post op incision infection

if a pt had a right knee replaced and the incision became infected - would i just use the T81.4XXD Infection following a procedure, subsequent encounter followed by the presence of right knee code?


  • Use T84.53XA. No need to add the presence of code because that is included in the comp code. Use an additional code to identify the infection if known. 7th character A if antibiotics are still being used, otherwise D.

  • i was under the impression that the T84 code was used if it was a deep infection affecting the prosthesis and the T81 was for the surface incision wound

    thanks for your feedback

  • If it was the surface wound, I would use T81.4XXD. I would only use Infection of knee prosthesis code only if it were Physician confirmed and documented. Code additional code if you know specific bacteria causing infection. Sepsis code only if documented by provider that patient is septic. And Yes, Add presence artificial right knee code also.

  • thank you !

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