M1306 and 1311 on recert

My question is if at roc we had 2 stage 3 and 1 stage 2. at recert both stage 3 are closed but red and the stage 2 is closed , ON m1306 it is still yes I assume because stage 2 is gone and stage 3s are closed but still red so 1311-A1 is 0 B1andB2 are 2 and 2 as both stage 3 are still red so they are still considered stage 3 . So if I'm right the only thing that shows we healed is the stage 2 and the 3s, even though closed and red are still open per the oasis and healing only documented in the narrative . Am I correct?


  • If they (the 2 stage 3's) are reddedned and not blanchable, they are not yet completely epitheliazed, so yes, they should be counted for the OASIS. The stage 2 would not be.

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