Oasis Question ???

Good afternoon! My patient was transfer to hospital for AMS and respiratory failure. Dc'd (2/27) after five day stay. Readmitted next day to hospital for a CVA. Dc'd (2/28) back to HH after two day stay. ROC started for 3/1.

My question is: Do I just combine the diagnosis for both hospital stays for M1011 and M1017? M1023? Thanks!


  • Hi Katherine! Thanks for your question! They made me think too!

    For M1011 you would list any diagnosis that was actively treated as an
    inpatient on or after 2/15/2017, no matter which stay was involved, or
    which hospital. So not long-term, chronic conditions, unless they were
    actively treated too.

    For M1017, it would be any change in treatment on or since 2/15/17, whether
    or not that change was made in the hospital.

    For M1023, you need to list what you have orders to help with gong
    forward. Some may be new conditions, some may be whatever you were working
    on before.

    Good luck putting these in order and priority. They may not all fit! Your
    biller can help you with that. Everything that doesn't fit should be part
    of the clinical documentation otherwise. But what goes into OASIS should
    support your billing.
  • Thank you! This was an odd one. Thanks again and have a great weekend!
  • Indicate anything applicable that was treated since last OASIS assessment within the last 14 days.

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