Your Listserv is Changing!

Dear Listserv Member,

We will be upgrading your current listserv to the new Home Care Coding & OASIS Forum starting May 30!

What does this mean for you? Your current listserv will NOT be available starting May 24; but note that all current threads will be moved over to the new Forum and will be there when you log in on May 30.

The new Forum will allow you to engage in much of the same way as your current listserv but with added features such as a comprehensive search, ability to have threaded and archived conversations with search functionality separated into different categories, and the ability to track notifications from the site to your own inbox to continue conversations.

We will provide additional information on how to access and log into the new Forum in the coming days so keep an eye out!

Maria Tsigas | Director of Product Management
Post Acute Care | DecisionHealth


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    Where do we log in for the new listserv?
  • We will email you the details for how to log into the new Forums once they're live on May 30.

    Maria Tsigas
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