Looking for guidance for correct sequencing.

Patient has HTN,CHF, DM2 and CDK Stage 3.

We can connect HTN with heart disease (effective Oct 1) and also the DM2 with kidney complication...would this be the sequence if the HF was the focus.

1. E13.0 (HTN Heart &CKD)
2. I50.9 (CHF)
3. E11.22 (DM2 W CKD)
4. N18.3 ( Stage 3)


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    Yes, because that is the sequencing guidance. I gave you the wrong code for HTN it would be the I30.xx code that is HTN with CHF and CKD I don't have my book but I believe it is I13.2

    Priscilla Brunk RN, HCS-D
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  • I also see the note under e11.22.

    so it would be 1. E11.22, 2. I13.0 3. I50.9 then 4. n18.3 if DM is the focus

    OR if HF is the focus

    1. I13.0 2. I50.9 3. E11.22 4. N18.3
  • Lisa you are correct – that is my question

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  • Just remember to go in alphabetic order, Alzheimers , followed by Dementia.
  • If it states "as due to UTI" then code N39.0/A41.51/R65.20/N17.9
    If admitting patient to Hospice with a terminal dx of E.coli Sepsis and acute renal failure isn't resolved, then code A41.51/R65.20/N17.9/N39.0
    Either way, Sepsis/Severe Sepsis and the organ dysfunction can't be separated.

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    hospice patient with ecoli sepsis due to uti w/ acute renal failure...what is the best sequencing ?


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