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  • A friend of mine is on the team that does these procedures. They are done through an angio puncture. Truly amazing!
  • is the vascular dementia caused by the parkinsons? or is it a separate etiology? the term vascular leads me to think it is.
  • Since its a thoracostomy it would make sense to use that code to denote assessing the site, but its not a surgical wound.
  • was the care the pt received due to a fracture? if so, you code it to the fx and then use the D for normal healing, or read through the other options and see what best applies. If the pt had surgery for the fx, you don't use the surgical aftercare c…
  • We cant assume the link between diabetes and cad unless the physician so states.
  • I only use the picc like care code. There really isn't anything I have found that covers TPN, except the dx for which it is being administered.
  • How many people "quit" in the hospital just to go home and smoke. I still use F17. Now if they have stayed quit by recert time, I change it to hx of.
  • The condition treated is not entirely resolved, ie..the pt still has the effects of the surgical procedure, would you not put the dx for which the pt had the procedure? The joint was indeed removed, but that remains the reason the pt had the surgery.
    in M1017 Comment by MichelleB November 2017
  • I always code them and I don't stop at 6 codes. Additional codes go to showing how complex your patient is, and further justifies home health. Besides..Rather embarrassing to exacerbate something that should be coded and wasn't listed at the soc.