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I'm looking for information on status codes for use of aspirin, anti-coagulant, insulin for type 2 and other status codes as these. Do you always add these to the 485 if pt. is on then as well as the Z51.81? I asked another coder and she says she doesn't....but then she typically only codes the top 6.

Any information anyone wants to share on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I always include them. They paint a bigger picture of what is going on. Depending on the number of co-morbities, I may add them in box 21 on 485 as additional dx to 1023.

    Jennifer Horsley, RN HCS-D
  • I do tend to code these as they do impact the POC

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  • I always code them and I don't stop at 6 codes. Additional codes go to showing how complex your patient is, and further justifies home health. Besides..Rather embarrassing to exacerbate something that should be coded and wasn't listed at the soc.
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    I always code the long term insulin, anticoagulant, aspirin. I do not code
    the therapeutic drug monitoring unless there are orders to draw the labs.

    Kathy Jenkins
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